The data collected can make it easier for educators to access records to more easily identify student’s academically weak areas.


The schools should not be allowed to collect any data beyond grades and academic achievements, they have gone too far and put the children at a higher risk for identity theft.

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Schools are now collecting a large amount of personal information on children and sharing it with government agencies, for-profit companies and other third-party entities. And they are doing this without parental consent.

The schools and teachers are encouraging parents to use these third-party apps. With a goal of being more involved in the classrooms through the app, all while collecting personal and sometimes sensitive information on the child to share with others.

The personal data sometimes collected from children may include their name, email address, grades, test scores, disability status, health records, suspension and discipline data, country of birth, family background, and so much more. Other digital data that can get tracked is their lunch items purchased, heart rate, being off task, speaking out of turn, and videos watched.

It is still unclear exactly how these third parties will use the children’s personal data but are doing so without the consent and knowledge of parents.

Should school be allowed to collect this data on children, and without the parent’s consent?